GO SNIFF! Scent Work Training

GO SNIFF! Scent Work Training is now available!
For competitive dog sport or just for fun.

Private lessons at my Training Studio in O’Sullivan Beach
Personalised and customised training to suit you and your dog

What is Scent Work?
Scent Work – or Nose Work – is any activity in which your dog uses their sense of smell to locate items. Sniffing and searching are instinctive behaviours that dogs naturally enjoy. Scent work is great fun for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and being low impact makes it suitable for dogs of all ages including puppies and aged dogs. It builds confidence in shy dogs, burns off mental and physical energy in energetic dogs, helps to calm reactive dogs, provides enrichment for bored dogs and develops the bond between dog and owner. Dogs do not need to have had any previous obedience training to take part in my scent work training. You do not need a lot of space or expensive training equipment to practice at home.

I offer private lessons in scent work training. Compared to group classes, this teaching style has many benefits:
*Lessons can be scheduled at times that suit you, instead of you being limited by set class times and frequency. Weekdays, evenings and weekend times are available, and you can have lessons weekly, fortnightly, or just whenever you want!
*If your dog is dog-reactive, you don’t have to worry about being near other dogs or having to crate/isolate your dog while waiting for your turn in class
*Training plans are flexible in order to suit your specific aims – the lessons are tailored to suit you and your dog

There are two scent work training modules available – you can do one or the other – or both! Each Module is divided into three Levels. You can spend as long as you like at each Level. You can mix-and-match and use activities from either Module. If you have already started scent work training elsewhere, you can skip Levels.
*Scent Games Module – different games you can play at home or when out on walks that utilise your dog’s amazing sense of smell. From simple enrichment activities such as searching in the garden for hidden treats, to “tricks” like The Shell Game (which cup hides the treat), or games for the whole family to play such as Hide and Seek (find the hidden person).
*Training On Odour Module – training to find and indicate the location of specific odours. The purpose may be to participate in a dog sport (eg trialing in ANKC Scent Work or ACSW K9 Nosework), for a practical reason such as finding and fetching your keys or phone, or just as a fun activity. Your dog will progressively be taught to search for odour hidden inside different types of containers (cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, suitcases) and in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments in the same way that professional detection dogs search for drugs, explosives, invasive pests, or threatened species.

Private lessons in Scent Work Training cost $30 for each 30 minute lesson. You can have as many lessons as you like, and spend as much time at each level as you wish.