Your New Puppy

I offer “Puppy Start Right” sessions for new puppy owners – either a private lesson at my studio in O’Sullivan Beach or a home visit (southern suburbs). Lesson will cover tips on safely socialising your puppy, setting your puppy up for success, house training, dealing with nipping, and age-appropriate obedience training. Training Notes are provided. Cost is $60 if you come to me (one hour lesson) or $150 if I come to you (90 minute lesson). Suitable for puppies of any age but the earlier you start, the better!

Puppies have a developmental stage called the critical socialisation period which occurs from 3-18 weeks. They need to have plenty of positive experiences during this period, otherwise they are more likely to be fearful of unfamiliar people, or dogs, or sounds, objects and environments in later life. You may be advised to “keep your puppy at home” until he/she is fully vaccinated – however this is not a wise approach as you will be missing the narrow developmental window during which your puppy needs to experience the world they will be living in. So what can you do? Take your puppy out, but avoid parks, roadside verges and beaches above the high tide line – contagious diseases can be retained in the soil for a long time. Avoid contact with dogs of unknown disposition or health status. Instead, have people round to visit you, take your puppy to friend’s homes, sit with your puppy in the safety of your car and let them watch the world go by, allow your puppy onto the ground if it is a hard clean surface, let your puppy meet calm, friendly, healthy adult dogs, and other animals such as cats, chickens etc. Most Vet clinics offer Puppy Classes which you can start from 8 weeks of age provided your puppy has had their first puppy needle. Make sure that people or dogs do not scare your puppy as a bad experience now can affect them long term.

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