Scent Work

Scent Work Private Training  or Online Self Study

In the Scent Work method that I teach, the dog will not be searching for food. Dogs will be introduced to odour in the very first session.



We will use a back chaining process – meaning that we first teach the dog what to do when it smells the odour (sit, down, freeze or other trained behaviour of your choice), before getting the dog to search for the odour. A reward signal (clicker, verbal marker) is used to communicate to the dog the specific behaviours that are being rewarded.

This training method is fast, leads to enthusiastic searching, and can prevent or resolve problems such as excessive scratching or biting at hides, unclear alerts and false alerting.

In training sessions, we will explore the use of a variety of food delivery procedures and utilise equipment such as kitchen colanders, pvc pipe, bricks, cardboard boxes and plastic storage containers to fully develop the chosen indication (alert behaviour).

My Scent Work training is geared towards ANKC Scent Work, but you can use this training method for other scent related activities – please contact me if you have different aims.