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Dog Sports Online Courses

Scent Detection for Dog Sports 

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In the Scent Work method that I teach in this Course, your dog will not be searching for food treats. Instead, your dog will be introduced to your chosen target odour right from the start, and rewarded with food and/or toys for locating the source of that odour.

This course takes you through all the steps of training your dog to recognise and locate a target odour, so you can get started in the Canine Sport of Scent Work or Nose Work.
The course contains 50 videos with over 3.5. hours of instruction.
The course includes:
-what equipment you will need
-motivating your dog
-using a reward signal – clicker or word
-how odour moves
-reading your dog’s body language
-four different ways to introduce your dog to your target odour
-teaching your dog to “Indicate” – point their nose at the odour source and freeze, with an optional sit or lie down
-teaching your dog to find the “Hot” item using a variety of games and training exercises
-starting actual searches – Container, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles
-preparing your dog for entering Trials/Tests at Novice/Starter Level
Course is based on Australian Scent Work Rules but applicable to any official scent sport or fun scenting activity.

Training Your Dog In Rally For Beginners – Start To Finish

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This course is suitable for beginners with no previous experience in dog sports.

In the sport of Rally, the dog and handler move around a numbered course as a team, and perform exercises displayed on signs laid out in a specific sequence.

The course covers the equipment you will need, and how to teach your dog some basic foundation skills, including rear-end awareness for neat heel positioning and accurate performance of the Rally exercises. Lectures demonstrate how to correctly use a food lure and/or a target stick to help the dog learn the positions and moves for the required exercises.  All the Australian Rally Novice Level signs are explained with full instructions on teaching the dog the exercises. Some extra exercises used outside Australia are also detailed. Lectures include how to transition the dog to work happily for longer periods of time, how to prepare the dog for entering an official Trial, and examples of Rally courses for practice purposes.

Beginning Dog Dance For Fun Or Sport

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A fun course to learn how to train your dog to take part in Canine Freestyle and Heelwork To Music, also called Dances With Dogs.

No previous experience in Dog Dancing is required and you don’t need to be a great dancer! If you love music, and want to teach your dog some fun tricks and have a great bond, this course is for you!

Course includes: 
2.5 hours of video
12 Freestyle Tricks plus Extra Trick
6 Heel Positions
7 Heelwork Transitions
Using step stools and treat sticks to teach skills or incorporate into your routine
Plus planning your routine including choosing suitable music for your dog, incorporating props into your routine, selecting a costume and putting the routine together.